Friday, February 23, 2024

Running errands in Homosassa

We had bagels and morning beverages after doing our language lessons then took the dogs on a 40-minute walk. We saws a hawk sitting on a wire on Eldred Lane as we walked.  

Mark & I ran some errands for most of midday. We started by visiting the Outpost Shooting Range in Lecanto. We were very impressed with the number and quality of shooting options at the range including a 600-yard range for very long-distance shooting. Mark bought Cindy a gift certificate, and we plan to return and have her shoot the pistols that I brought with me on this trip.

After leaving the shooting range we went to Walmart where Mark got some fishing supplies and treats for the dogs. I bought an inexpensive pair of boots for hog hunting on Monday. From there we went to West Marine where Mark found out about possible mooring options for the new boat as well as secondary GPS units that are compatible with detailed maps of the Florida coastline. He bought two dock cleats, three boat bumpers and some ½ inch rope for mooring. The clerk at the marine store gave Mark the name of someone who could cover the pilings on his dock to prevent as much growth of marine invertebrates like the oysters that are currently crusted on the posts.

Our next stop was Harbor Freight where Mark got a ball and hitch for the boat and a 10,000 lumen LED light assembly for the top of the Murphy bed. Our last stop for the day was at Publix to get a few groceries for the weekend.

Back at the house, Mary and Cindy worked in the gardens repotting some plants and pruning others. Mark straightened the garage, and I hooked up the light over the Murphy bed. Mary made a Schmidt’s meatloaf for dinner on Saturday then Mark finished preparing the Asian chicken salad as well as breakfast burritos for our drive to Sebring tomorrow. About halfway through the preparations for the meal, the electricity went out. Fortunately, most of tonight’s dinner was already prepared except for the chicken which could be grilled outside.

We took the dogs on a longer walk through the neighborhood, noticing that lights seemed to be working except on Standish Drive. Toward the end of our walk, Cindy got a text from the power company that electricity was restored to the street.

After returning from the walk, we enjoyed the chicken salad. Mark thought he had overcooked the chicken, but it seemed fine to us. After dinner, we watched an episode of Astrid on PBS and an episode of Evening Shade on Prime Video.

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