Sunday, February 18, 2024

Relaxing Day in Homosassa

We awoke to the continuing rain, which was steady and sometimes heavy. By morning we had received over an inch of rain, and more was forecast until Monday morning. We did not take the dogs on a morning walk but hoped the rain would slow for an evening walk.

Finished back door

After a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon, Mark and I took Cindy’s Toyota Highlander to Mavis Tires & Brakes for a flat repair. The shop was very busy and couldn’t look at the tire until Monday, so we had them air up the tire with the nail so we could make it until Monday. From the tire shop we drove north to Rural King in Crystal River. Because of construction beside and in front of Rural King, we drove past it the first time, so we had to turn around and come back to it. We got jars of honey and apple butter as well as a plastic jar of chocolate covered almonds. We were embarrassed that neither of us could open the jar of nuts. We even tried having both of us gripping the jar, and it still wouldn’t open. At Harbor Freight Mark bought a small pancake compressor and a set of inexpensive drill bits. We continued to Home Depot where we looked at options to trim around the Murphy bed and to put reading lights over the bed. We liked the polymer quarter round molding for the trim and saw some LED puck lights that should work for the reading lights.

When we returned to the house, we had the leftover frittata from Saturday’s breakfast. In the afternoon, Mark caulked around the new backdoor that we had installed on Saturday. I did some reading while Mary and Cindy played cribbage. It was nice to have a relaxing day.

Dinner was chili with cornbread which was very good. We took advantage of a lull in the rain to take the dogs on a short walk through the neighborhood. Since it was after dark when we started, we just walked enough for them to have their evening bathroom break. As we were returning to the house, Mary lost the chain that held her glasses. She didn’t realize that the chain was gone until we were back at the house. The chain was only a couple of dollars at Walmart, so she wasn’t concerned too much about it, and it was too dark to look for it at that time.

We did our evening German lessons then watched the last episodes of Monsieur Spade on Acorn TV with Mark and Cindy. We were in bed a little after 9:30.

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