Saturday, February 17, 2024

Installing the Murphy bed

An all-day rain had set in that started late Friday night and was forecast to last until Sunday night. Since the rain wasn’t too heavy yet, we took the dogs on a morning walk. As expected, the intensity of the rain picked up when we were at the furthest point from the house. We were all soaked by the time we made it to the house.

Mark caulking the bottom of the new door

Mark made an excellent baked frittata with eggs, cheese, ham, potatoes, onions and peppers. Everyone enjoyed it. Mark had purchased a new back door to the house with a large built in dog door. On Tuesday we removed the trim from the existing door as well as the locks and knobs. This morning, we removed the old door along with the jambs and replaced it with a new door, which fit very well. We made sure that everything was level and square and that the door opened and closed easily. The only major slowdown was with the door handle assembly, which had a left-handed set screw. To install it, we had to tighten the screw (backwards) all the way to remove or replace the handle. Once the handle was on the door, the set screw was loosened (backwards) to bring the screw out to secure the handle. We replaced the trim around the door and planned to caulk around the trim on Sunday.

Lunch was leftover pulled pork from Sunday night. We had pork on slider buns with chips on the side. It was just as good as it was last weekend.

Murphy bed
After lunch we installed the Murphy bed in the bedroom that Cindy uses as an office. The bed kit is an excellent design that fits together very well. We were able to get the bed put together with minimal complications. We planned to install two reading lights in the bed that operate with remote controls and to put trim molding around the shelves on either side of the bed to give it a finished look.

We checked the security cameras at our home in Kentucky and saw that there was a good coating on snow on the ground.  The temperature had been in the teens and 20s for the past week so the snow may be around for a few days.  We were happy that we were in 70-80 degree weather here in Florida.

Snow in Kentucky

Cindy made chicken with dumplings for dinner. She was a little disappointed because she didn’t put enough baking powder in the dumplings. They were a little heavy, but we sure didn’t have any trouble finishing the pot. After dinner we did our language lessons and watched an episode of Monsieur Spade on Acorn TV then an episode of Evening Shade on Amazon Prime before turning in at 10 pm.

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